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Why Choose Synthetic Grass?


Low maintenance: Once it’s installed, artificial turf requires no mowing or watering.  



No need for a lawnmower: Lawnmowers become costly, need repair and make up five percent of the country’s air pollution.


No fertilizers or weed killers: Synthetic turf will only require certain types of infill to help the blades stand tall. SGW infill products are safe and non-toxic to people and the environment.



Environmentally friendly: Not only does synthetic grass help air quality by eliminating gardening equipment, it also saves a ton of water, in both quality and quantity. According to the Sacramento Bee, a typical natural turf lawn requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year, which equals 44,000 gallons of water for an 800 square foot lawn. With artificial grass, you can save up to 660,000 gallons over 15 years!  



Forget about pulling weeds! Most synthetic turf companies offer specific weed fabric designed to block weeds from creeping through your synthetic grass.



Long lasting: Synthetic grass can last 15 years +. Most synthetic turf products are built with the latest synthetic turf technology are designed to withstand high amounts of foot traffic and all types of weather conditions.



Superior Drainage: Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass drains at a higher right and will not accrue mud or pot holes. It will also dry faster and provide more outdoor time for fun activities or sport team practice.



Strong and durable: Most artificial turf blades are tufted into the polyurethane backing and each individual blade is designed to handle large amounts of foot traffic. Feel free to play all kinds of activities on your synthetic grass.



Looks beautiful: Synthetic grass always appears perfectly groomed and remains green year round.



Saves Time: Instead of spending the weekends manicuring the lawn, you can spend more time relaxing on your yard!

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